The MiniHip is an innovative implant used for hip replacement that combines the benefits of bone conservation methods with the stability of a traditional hip replacement.

The advantages of the MiniHip include:

  • Bone Conservation: The MiniHip is designed so less bone is removed during the operation and the load on the joint is properly distributed to maintain healthy bone. The design follows the natural bony contour and due to the short stem, more of the shaft of the thigh bone is preserved. In addition, the polished tip of the MiniHip that is placed into the shaft reduces the risk of increased bone mineral density. The MiniHip does not include the greater trochanter and preserves more of the femoral neck and the medial calcar, parts of the thigh bone that increase mechanical support and ensure proper load distribution.
  • Preservation of Soft Tissue: Any approach can be used for placement of the implant, but it is particularly well suited for the minimally invasive, tissue-sparing approaches such as the direct anterior approach. As a result, the use of the MiniHip can lead to faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay.
  • Restoration of Biomechanics: The MiniHip has a CT based design and is placed with minimal constraint. This provides a unique solution in restoring biomechanics for different types of patient anatomies.

With the preservation of bone, minimal muscle injury, faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, return to unrestricted activity and range of motion, the MiniHip is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for hip replacement.

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